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Environmental Services and Sustainability

About Us

We are an environmental services & sustainability company, headquartered in Malaysia. We engineer solutions for a sustainable future. 

Our Key Milestones





Founded by Edward Ponniah. 

Licensed by Department of Environment (DoE) for schedule waste recovery, recycling and transportation.

  • Certified in ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018

  • Awarded Notable Achievement in the Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award

Awarded for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the DoE Perak Lestari Awards.


Digitalizing the way we work for people who drive our business and for our customers

Our Services

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ESG Consulting

Provides consultation for companies looking to generate ESG Reports.

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Schedule Waste & Transportation

Applicable Waste Codes include SW110, SW204, SW303, SW321, SW409, SW410, SW 411, SW416, SW417, SW418, SW422. 

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Engineer green products and produce carbon black.

Solar Panels Technicians

Occupational Safety

At Edsha, we proactively eliminate hazards and provide safe working conditions

Occupational Health

Health of workers and anyone affected by our business are a priority to us


As an environmental company primarily, we are committed to integrating environmentally responsible practices into our operations


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