The cafeteria staff sell many local delicacies such as nasi lemak, nasi goreng, mee hun goreng, mee goreng, teh tarik, teh 'o' ais for workers and also serves as a place for workers to kick back and relax during break time.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

The waste water treatment plant is designed to treat contaminated water from the plant. The water is contaminated with various types of chemicals such as solvents, oils, heavy metals, acids, alkalis, suspended solids, and etc. We take the treatment of  waste water very seriously as releasing effluents to the environment without proper treatment will result in harmful consequences for the environment.

Chemical Lab

The chemical lab serves to test the effluent before it is released to the environment. Our group of highly dedicated chemists test samples at regular intervals in a day to ensure that the eflluent meets parameters set by the Department of Environment of Malaysia (DOE). The COD monthly test results are updated on our website as part of our continual commitment towards transparency

tss, Mlss & mlvss

Total suspended solid, Mixed liquor suspended solid and Mixed liquor volatile suspended solid analysis conducted in order to ensure the Industrial effluent treatment system (IETS) treat waste water efficiently.