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Germinated Plant

ESG Consulting

All you will need for a comprehensive ESG Report

ESG Report Generation

We are offering consultation for companies looking to generate their own Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Reports. Get in touch to learn more.

Environment Pillar

We provide consultation for carbon reduction, conduct carbon footprint assessment and calculate your carbon footprint for you as part of the ESG Report requirement. Get in touch to learn more.

Social Pillar

We organize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Events throughout the year such as Circular Garden Economy Awareness Programme, Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Collection Drive and Educational Field Trips to our factory for students, to name a few. Get in touch to learn more.

Governance Pillar

Good governance involves transparent decision-making, ethical behavior, and effective oversight by the company's leadership. We offer to conduct governance practice evaluation to companies looking to produce ESG Reports. Get in touch to learn more.

Watch Gear

Sustainable Manufacturing

Peak Engineering Solutions You Will Love

Carbon Black Production

We take the cradle-to-cradle approach when it comes to manufacturing carbon black, ensuring no waste is sent to landfills. Get in touch to place an order.

Green Products

With eco-friendly designs at the core of our strategy, we engineer a wide variety of green products for industrial purposes and also for commercial use. Get in touch to know more or visit our products page for featured products.

Carbon Reduction Technology

Today's industrial practice emits excessive amounts of carbon to the environment. In line with the global consensus to reduce carbon emissions in the Paris Agreement, we engineer solutions to absorb the excessive carbon emissions to reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere.

Green Hydrogen Production

We are truly investing in the future. We are engineering solutions to replace fossil fuel usage with green hydrogen.

Looking to partner? Get in touch with us.

Recycled Plastic

Schedule Waste Services

Applicable Waste Codes includes SW110, SW204, SW303, SW321, SW409, SW410, SW 411, SW416, SW417, SW418, SW422.

Schedule Waste Identification

We have a skilled team that identifies and categorizes waste(s) according to predetermined regulatory framework, ensuring accurate characterization for proper management.​ Get in touch to book an appointment.

Schedule Waste Handling

Our team is trained in containment, segregation, and interim storage to prevent environmental harm.
Get in touch to book an appointment.

Schedule Waste Packaging

Our team practices careful and compliant packaging of scheduled waste materials using appropriate containers and methods, meeting regulatory standards to minimize the risk of spills or leaks during transportation and storage. Get in touch to book an appointment.


Our team has expertise in removal of sludge or sediment from tanks, containers, or processing equipment that hold scheduled waste, ensuring clean and efficient waste handlingGet in touch to book an appointment.

Schedule Waste Transportation

We have a team that performs secure and lawful movement of scheduled waste from its point of origin to designated treatment, disposal, or recycling facilities, adhering to transportation regulations. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Schedule Waste Recovery & Recycling

We practice environmentally responsible processes of reclaiming valuable materials from scheduled waste, aiming to minimize the overall environmental impact and promote resource conservation. Get in touch to book a collection appointment.

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Transportation Services

Timely and Secure Transportation Services You Can Trust

Freight Delivery

We can accommodate varying shipment sizes, special handling requirements, and diverse delivery location.

Get in touch to book a delivery service.

Customized Logistics Solutions

Tailored transportation and logistics plans to meet specific product transportation needs.

Get in touch to book a delivery service.

Business Consultation

Environmental Consultation, Workshops & Training

Field Experts Whom Can Consult or Train Your Team

Waste Management Solution(s)

Are you based at a manufacturing site? Do you need advise on how to manage wastes at your site?

We have field experts who can advise you on the next course of action based on relevant environmental policies. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Training Center for Environmental Competencies

Completed your course as a certified environment person but do not have a company to work for to complete field training reports? We provide a base for you to learn and carry out your field training report. Applicable for CePSO, CePIETSO, PCP and CePSWAM Get in touch to learn more.

eSWIS Training 

We have a specialized team that performs Scheduled Waste Information Systems (eSWIS) registration and training. Get in touch to learn more.

Sustainability Workshops

We conduct engaging corporate workshops as part of educational activities, centered on sustainable practices. This includes resource conservation, waste reduction and energy efficiency. Get in touch to learn more.

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